This is an almost mandatory visit if what you want are unique landscapes and areas with few humans.

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Tabarca Island

Paradise beaches in a desert island

Do not try to imagine how the Berber pirates felt in the 18th century when they hid opposite the Alicante coast: go to Isla de Tabarca and see for yourself. It's easy, you just need to get a boat in the Alicante port, sail eleven nautical miles into the sea and you're there. The island is really a small archipelago formed by the islands of Nao, Cantera and Galera, totaling 1,800 m2 of almost virgin land, with a cute little port and perfect beaches. The historical past of the island is almost like a film: King Carlos III ordered that this land be fortified and walled to protect Genoese marines who had been rescued from the Tunecine city of Tabarka. In recent years some lodging and restaurants have opened where you can enjoy its traditional food, such as 'caldero', and can also spend a night in this extraordinary place.

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