The remains of Alicante's past and a sample of the city's old splendour.

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The Discovered City

Recovering what was lost in the past.

The mythical 'Lost City' of Alicante has its origin in the many destructions it suffered over centuries of battles among different sectors of Peninsular people and their enemies, who usually came by sea, not to mention the internal power struggles. The result of these conflicts was that Alicante was left desolated and destroyed after the so-called 'Guerra de los Dos Pedros' ('War of the Two Peters') in the Middle Ages, for instance, and was again wrecked by the French Army bombing in 1691. Many historical buildings dating from those times have been lost, and now Alicante is trying to find its hidden past. The area of Jorge Juan street, by the ground floor of the new Council building, is the centre of the so-called 'Discovered City' ('Ciudad Descubierta'), an urban archaeologic site displaying blocks of stone and traces of building as well as the old city walls, reminders of fishing villages, Islamic houses and walls of what once was the commercial hub of the city.

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