If your dates are right, do not miss one of the oldest festivals in Spain.

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Villajoyosa landing

Moors and Christians

If you are planning your trip for July, it is worth going to Villajoyosa to see this festival, the Desembarco y la Batalla de Moros y Cristianos (the Landing and the Battle between Moors and Christians). Apparently, this festival is based on something that happened in the 16th century - the landing of Berber pirates and the defense carried out by the Villajoyosa people - and has been celebrated for the past 250 years, which makes it one of the oldest in Spain. The invading Moors hardly touched land at all: the locals repelled them with the help of a monumental storm and flood provoked by Saint Marta, which sank the pirates' ships. The Moors and Christians Battle of Villajoyosa is celebrated during a whole week with processions, medieval markets, historical recreations and the dramatisation of the final battle of the Landing on the sea.

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