Ancient Agora of Classical Athens

A trip to this monument is like traveling back in time and seeing how modern democracy began to emerge.

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Ancient Agora of Classical Athens

Breathe in the past

Part architectural masterpiece, part religious complex. Part stronghold of Classical Athens, part origins of modern society. Depending on how you look at it, the Ancient Agora is the most important monument in the whole city. Found to the west of the Monastiraki district and accessed via Adrianou Street, these ruins are the birthplace of modern democracy. This sacred place hosted countless discussions between citizens to decide the future of the city. Laws, court judgements and forms of government were all debated at the Agora. Since this was a sacred place, no criminals, women or children were allowed at these events. However, it does mark the beginnings of public spaces for public affairs. Divided into three main sections –the Seat of Government, the Sacred Complex and the Market–, it was the nerve centre of the Greek Government.

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