Meat with tons of extras piled into pita bread, a very typical dish in Athens.

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Gyros and meat

A re-education in kebabs

A Gyros is one of the most popular ways of eating meat in Greece. You've surely seen them hundreds of times: meet roasted on vertical skewers and carved off in strips. Yet the similarities end there, with countless dishes and varieties of meat on offer. In restaurants, they are usually served with vegetables, potatoes, rice and anything else you can imagine. You are probably already familiar with the takeaway version: the world-famous kebab. Although they are thought to have originated in Turkey, Gyros have become an everyday meal in Greece. Served up in pita bread, they can be dressed with any type of accompaniment: tomato, onion, lettuce, and speciality spices and sauces. They are often found on restaurant menus but are more commonly ordered from the numerous street stalls around the city. We recommend trying the ones in the Plaka neighbourhood.

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