These four buildings are home to a key part of Greek cultural history.

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Museum of Greek Folk Art

Greek arts and crafts

We already know that archaeological remains and great monuments from the classical and the golden age are a key part of any trip to Athens, but how about a trip to the Museum of Greek Folk Art for some more popular treasures from the city? This museum is divided over four different buildings: the Main Building (in Kidathineon Street, near the Plaka neighbourhood), the Tzisdaraki Mosque, the Bath House of the Winds and The House on Panos. Each site shows a different side of Greek culture from the 17th century onwards, with a special focus on the country's folk art. The Main Building is home to the largest collection: regional costumes, sets of coins and stamps, textiles, painting and banners that all form part of Greek identity. The museum paints a picture of Greek society, culture and history.

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