A large collection of artefacts and coins from one of the most advanced civilisations.

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Numismatic Museum

If you love history, this is the place for you

Athens is a true paradise for historians, archaeologists and lovers of culture and the history of civilisations. This museum is one of the most important in the world in its area. It boasts a collection of over 600,000 coins, some of which date back to the 7th century BC. As you will probably already know, the Hellenistic civilisation was one of the most advanced of its time in terms of politics, economy and social organisation. In the centuries before the death of Christ, it had already developed social models that are still relevant in today's world. Think of the first democracy in the world when you visit this museum, its collection is part of the material heritage of these early governments. A visit to this museum will take you on a journey through the history of this society based around its coins.

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