As relevant as the Ancient Agora and with remains from the Roman occupation.

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Roman Agora

Remains of the Roman invasion

The city of Athens actually has two Agorae: The Ancient Agora and the Roman Agora. Despite being relatively close to each other, these two Agorae represent two very different cities. The first is a symbol of the classical, democratic city and the second is a reminder of the Roman invasion of Athens. The Roman Agora was built by Augustus in the 2nd century AD, just a short distance away from the classical one. The Ionic columns that divided its different sections are still standing today, marking out the market area, the debating area and the public baths. At the heart of these ruins, oblivious to the passing centuries, stands the Tower of the Winds. This huge circular structure was made from marble and served as a public sun dial and then later as a chapel. The entire complex is yet another key to understanding the history of Greece.

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