You'll be amazed by its enormous unfinished columns, some of which are no longer standing.

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Temple of Olympian Zeus

A city divided

Located in a vast green meadow, the Temple of Olympian Zeus seems even bigger in these surroundings. This staggeringly large complex took over seven centuries to build. Construction began in the 6th century BC and the work was finally finished in 132 AD under the rule of Hadrian. This emperor commissioned a statue of Zeus and another of himself, of the same size, to be positioned at each end of the temple. These statues were never finished but the Arch of Hadrian at one end of the complex was completed. This monumental gateway is nearly 20 metres high and is made from marble from Mount Pentelikon (famous for this type of stone). The arch marks the boundary between the old city, or city of Theseus, and the new city, or city of Hadrian. Today, it is a must for all visitors to the city.

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