A Budapest classic which links Buda and Pest over the Danube River

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Chain Bridge

Another Symbol of the City

Look at the average Budapest guidebook and this bridge –a symbol of the city and even the country– will often grace its cover (ditto much of Hungary's currency and postage stamps). Prior to its inauguration in 1849, locals had to cross between Buda and Pest by boat (or in the depth of winter, crossing the ice on foot or in horse-drawn carriages). Its official name in Hungarian is Széchenyi Lánchíd, after Count István Széchenyi who was instrumental in its construction. Széchenyi commissioned British engineer Adam Clark to build the bridge, who drew inspiration from London's Hammersmith Bridge. It was blown up by the Nazis as they were losing World War II and rebuilt in 1949 in time for its hundredth anniversary. Its sunset and night-time views are especially inspiring.

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