Ecseri Flea Market

Amid the junk, some brilliant deals on some unusual items, 40 minutes south of the city centre

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Ecseri Flea Market

Vintage Treasures From Hungary's Attic

More than half a century old, Budapest's top flea market is an indoor/outdoor affair located at Nagykőrösi Út 156, in an outlying district of Pest, a 40-minute bus ride south of the city centre. As is often the case with this type of thing, Ecseri is a mix of used junk, antiques and some real vintage finds. Special treasures include artwork; Magyar and Roma (gypsy) folk art; vintage traditional embroidered linens and clothing; old street signs; enamel and porcelain objects; and all manner of memorabilia from the Communist era (and occasionally even the Nazi occupation). Many vendors speak some English and while a bit of haggling is expected, you'll find prices generally quite appealing. For the best choice, get there as early as you can (it opens daily at 08:00). Happy hunting!

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