"The Platter" restaurant specialises in hearty, homely Hungarian favourites at very affordable prices

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Fatál Restaurant

Rich Yes - But Fatal Only in the Long Term and in Excess

Funny language, Hungarian - here, fatál means "platter" and many a tasty platter of home-style, traditional Magyar goodies are indeed served in this rustic eatery with lovely stained-glass windows on central Pest's Váci 'Ut near Liberty Bridge. For that reason, it's especially popular with visitors and nostalgic locals (not to mention the ample portions and quite good prices). Served on country-style clay platters and dishes, some of the best known specialities here include "sour ragout" buns filled with beef and sour cream; bean soup with cabbage and pork; and huge cottage-cheese dumplings. All hearty fare, indeed, so we'd recommend going for lunch to give you more time to digest! Open noon to midnight daily.

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