This modern museum paired with a historic synagogue is a must for those interested in modern Hungarian as well as Jewish history

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Holocaust Memorial Centre

Documenting the Attempted Extermination of Hungary's Jews

Opened in 2004 in a complex including the former Páva Street Synagogue, the Holocaust Memorial Centre documents one of Hungary's most traumatic episodes - the oppression and mass murder of more than half a million of the country's Jews and Roma (gypsies) by the Nazis and their Hungarian puppet regime - with original artefacts as well as multimedia and some interactive displays. Covering the gradual deprivation of rights beginning in 1938 through to the genocide of the Shoah (one in ten of the victims was Hungarian), this museum is an experience that has moved many to tears. It stages temporary exhibitions and also serves as a research facility. Open daily except Monday, 10:00 to 18:00.

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