Hungarian Folkloric Performances

Embroidered aprons, gypsy violins, and csárdás - you can't understand Hungary without experiencing its traditional dance and music

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Hungarian Folkloric Performances

Music/Costumes of Hungary's Folk Art

Add an extra dimension to your Budapest visit by sampling the country's folklore in the form of performances of peasant music and dance often centuries old, passed down through the generations by dancers, musicians and singers garbed in colourful traditional costumes. The three top folkloric troupes (which perform locally at the Duna Palota cultural centre and other venues when they're not touring) are the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble, with more than 30 dancers and two orchestras; the Danube Folk Ensemble, 24 dancers/five musicians; and the Rajkó Folk Ensemble, a Roma (gypsy) group of some 60 highly trained dancers and several orchestras and bands, with an especially varied repertoire extending even to classical and modern dance. Cue the gypsy violins!

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