A museum which runs the gamut of the Hungarian experience, from prehistory through the Communist era

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Hungarian National Museum

A Treasure Chest of Hungarian History

Founded in 1802 with the collection of the family of Count Széchényi, the country's oldest public museum is home to key artefacts and relics of Magyar history and culture. The pieces, dating from prehistory through to the 1980s, are displayed in a handsome, classical Roman-temple-style building (which also became a symbol of Hungarian nationalism during the revolution of 1848). Amid statuary, fluted columns and walls and ceilings adorned with impressive frescoes, visitors can explore seven permanent collections including art, furniture, textiles, weapons, metalwork and ceramics. Highlights include the coronation mantle of Hungary's kings, a 13th-century funerary crown and a handcrafted golden deer from the 6th century BC. The museum gardens are also well worth a visit. Open Tuesday through Sunday 10:00 to 18:00.

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