It looks Baroque from the outside, but actually contains a mix of styles dating back to its 11th-century origin - and even a touch of Islam!

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Inner City Parish Church

Pest's Oldest Remaining Building

Right next to the Erzsebet Bridge, the Inner City Parish Church is the oldest building still standing in Pest, built in 1046 on the grave site of the martyred bishop Gellért, an Italian who played a key part in converting Magyars to Christianity. It has had many guises over the years, starting as a Romanesque church; converted to a mosque during the Ottoman Turkish occupation; rebuilt in the Gothic style, then embellished with later Baroque features. Inside, what first catches the eye is a Gothic-Renaissance vault, but there is also a Gothic chapel, a neo-Gothic wooden pulpit, a 20th-century altar and even a mihrab - a Muslim prayer niche facing Mecca, a relic of its time as a mosque. It is open daily from 09:00 to 19:00.

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