Woods, gardens, restaurants, a thermal spa - enjoy what used to be a strictly aristocrat-only affair

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Margaret Island

A Charming Island Getaway in the Big City

Tapered at both ends and connected to both Buda and Pest by two bridges, 97-hectare (238-acre) Margit-Sziget in the middle of the Danube was a playground for aristocrats until 1908. It is considered the "lungs" of Budapest, covered as it mostly is with woods, gardens (one of them Japanese in style) and parkland - all fabulous for strolling and biking. There are buildings here too, starting with the islet's namesake, St. Margaret's Convent (now in ruins). Others interesting features include a 1911 Art Nouveau "Water Tower" (now an exhibition hall and lookout tower); a "dancing fountain'; a pair of hotels (one of which features a thermal spa); and a swimming pool/water park.

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