A celebration of Hungarian history next to a lovely lake perfect for rowing in summer and skating in winter

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Vajdchunyad Castle

A Grandiose Pastiche in Pest's City Park

Located just behind Heroes' Square, this grandiose bit of business was originally built in 1896 for the Millennial Exhibition in City Park, to mark a thousand years of the Madyar nation. Vajdchunyad Castle is actually something of a pastiche of styles and borrowings from other landmark castles in Hungary (fun fact: it was originally built from wood and cardboard, due to a lack of both time and money, but proved so popular it was rebuilt a decade later in proper stone and brick). Its lake-dotted surroundings are particularly lovely; in warm weather you can rent a boat and in winter the lake becomes a postcard-perfect skating rink. Inside, a particular highlight is the statue of "Anonymous", the unnamed 12th-century author of the first chronicles about the origin of the Magyars and their conquest of the Carpathian Basin. Take a close look at the rather shiny tip of the chronicler's pen; touching it is thought to bring good luck).

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