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16th November Square

Somewhere to go for a walk.

The 16th November is one of Morocco's national festivities. This day commemorates the return to his country, of the then Alawi Sultan, Mohammed V, in 1955 after two years of forced exile. After his return, the sultan accelerated the Moroccan independence process, which the French would eventually accept the following year. The process was completed in 1957, when Mohammed V was crowned as the definite King of Morocco. At present, this central square, at the end of the of Hoummane el-Fetouaki Avenue and Rue Aristide Briand junction, is one of the busiest areas of the city. Quite a few Art Deco style buildings, from the first half of the twentieth century adorn the square. The pedestrian Rue Prince Moulay Abdellah, which has façades full of ornate doorways and other interesting wrought iron elements starts from the square.

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