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Anfa neighbourhood

Somewhere to remember.

This arty neighbourhood takes its name from the hotel d'Anfa, an emblematic place where there was a meeting in January 1943, which changed the course of WW2 and went down in history as 'The Casablanca conference'. In that meeting, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the USA reached an agreement with Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister of the UK, about the details of the American troops disembarking in Normandy, which happened in June 1944. The French Generals Charles de Gaulle and Herni Giraud also attended that meeting, as representatives of the Free French Forces Even today, it is still possible to remember those times by strolling along the broad avenues in this neighbourhood, surrounded by landscaped villas with an abundance of Art Deco architectural constructions, and other styles that were typical during the 1930s.

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