An impressive aquarium not only because of the species, but because of its construction.

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The marine life near you.

This aquarium, with over a million litres of water, is located in the Morocco Mall, where it is the main non-commercial attraction in this huge leisure complex. During the tour, you can see over 3,500 coral reefs and around 3,000 species of salt water fish from all over the world, as well as reptiles and sea mammals. The sharks and ray fish tend to be the main attraction, although there is also space for less aggressive species, like turtles. This is the first conical shaped aquarium in the world, which means that the tour is always circular. It includes a large glass lift to take you diving into the depths of the aquarium, although there is also the possibility of doing that in a diving session. The main aim of Aquadream is pedagogical, about the need to preserve marine life.

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