It sounds as if we are talking about the Mediterranean, but no, we are talking about a small town that you will love.

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White houses and tomato crops.

This small town, one of the most beautiful in the south of Casablanca, is known for the white colour of all the buildings. Its inhabitants live mainly from the production of tomatoes, most of which end up on sale in European supermarkets. Azemmur is built on a cliff located on the slope of the Um-er-Rbia estuary, where there is an abundance of olives, pomegranates and privet. It is an ideal place to contemplate the characteristic features of traditional North African settlements, with long rows of small houses located behind the ochre coloured defence bastions, surrounding the Medina. These fortifications are reminiscent of the Portuguese presence in this area, back in the XV and XVI centuries, when they installed a commercial representation to buy cereals, horses and manufactured products. - Another construction with European traits is the Gunpowder House, dominated by a large Gothic style window.

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