Come and see the Casablanca marine life and the bustle in the port.

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Casablanca port

In a corner of Casablanca.

It is protected from the waves by a large three kilometre dam and a breakwater that is slightly longer than one km. The port of Casablanca was built at the beginning of the XX century on a small old mooring located in this same area. The total surface area is over 180 hectares, with a multitude of docks and landfill, which creates two large inner harbours (one for Trade and the other for Tourism) and an external port. Just at the entrance to the area you can catch a train from the always busy Casa-Port railway station. Once inside the port, there are fishing activities going on, mainly on the dock that separates the above mentioned inner harbours and, which is usually full of tradesmen. It is also in this part of the port where you will find the docks and the passenger boarding area. The shipyards and the small tourist harbour are located in another part of the facilities, near the Old Medina.

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