The central market is a must, with typical high quality products.

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Central Market

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You can find it on the Mohammed V Boulevard, this big market opens every day in the morning and is the perfect place to go for a walk, get away from cars and take a look at the typically Moroccan stands. You can find a little bit of everything from flowers to meat, fruit or spices, walking around the seafood (don't miss the typical exquisite oysters in this part of the country). It was created during the French colonial period to meet the demands of the most elite Europeans who lived in Morocco. Today it is still the most important market in the city, which is noticed not only in the prices, but also in the good merchandise available and the meticulous presentation of the products. A lot of restaurants have emerged in the area, and in most of them, you can take the meat or fish that you have just bought and ask them to prepare it, only paying for the drinks and the cover charge.

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