Good films, in Arabic or French, in traditional or modern cinemas; you choose.

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In Casablanca, the same as in Spain, the new cinemas are found in big modern shopping centres, or are in multi cinema complexes. That is the case of Megarama, the most luxurious cinema in the city, with four comfortable auditoriums; or the Lynx Cinema (Mers Sultan Avenue). In the city's historical centre, near the Old Medina, you can also enjoy one of the country's most reputable cinemas. That is the Rialto Cinema, with a rather Art Deco style, built during the 1920s. It has an impressive dome, which still reserves a space today to show the poster with the films that can be seen. There is only one auditorium, with more than 1,000 seats, and a stage where a large number of plays are put on. Seeing a film costs about 5€, and upstairs there is a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy splendid views. When asking about the latest releases, bear in mind that many of the films will be dubbed in Arabic (others will be in French).

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