Couscous and other typical dishes

It won't look like anything you have tried before, you will love Moroccan couscous.

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Couscous and other typical dishes

Couscous is king.

Couscous has become one of the most recognisable Moroccan dishes, it is a fine grain pasta that can already be found on any supermarket shelves around the world. But don't be fooled, what we see here has nothing to do with the real Moroccan couscous, which is steamed with aromatic broth and served with vegetables, meat (or fish) and exquisite spices. It so happens that the speciality of Casablanca is precisely "seksu baydawi," a couscous which includes seven vegetables (carrots, turnips, tomatoes, courgette, pumpkin, cabbage and onion). It is a real pleasure for the senses, because, besides the exquisite taste, you can usually enjoy an elaborate presentation, with the vegetables forming a kind of tower on the couscous. A very good place to eat it is Al-Mounia (Rue Prince Moulay-Abdallah ), a typically Moroccan establishment with a very pleasant atmosphere.

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