The show you see is as important as the food, a perfect mixture at the end of the day.

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Dinners, including entertainment

Enjoy an authentic Moroccan feast.

The "Diffa" is not a normal dinner, but a real feast, in the full meaning of the word A time when the food and the show join hands, so that the guest can enjoy the world famous belly dance and the welcoming traditional Moroccan music. Sometimes, establishments of this type, designed for tourists, pay more attention to the decoration than to the food, which varies greatly, depending on the restaurant. In any case, a genuine 'Diffa' ought to include the following dishes: small varied salads ('mezze'); snacks with a triangular shape filled with herbs, cheese and meat ( 'Briouat' ); the typical 'Pastela' , which is a pastry filled with meat, onion, and almonds that is served in the form of a round bun, with a slight cinnamon flavour, couscous; a tajine of meat and vegetables; and a variety of desserts. It is a menu you can slowly savour, eating a little bit of everything and enjoying the rhythm of the music.

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