At any time and in any place, you can have a Moroccan snack, thanks to these street vendors.

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Eating while walking

No time to sit down.

It is quite usual to find small stands or kiosks where you can have something to eat during mid-morning or mid-afternoon. For example brochettes (a kind of kebab with a spicy sauce if you wish), or "shwarma," which is a meat that is served in a similar way to a Spanish "pincho moruno" (kebab), seasoned with sesame sauce or yoghurt. You can always find a vendor on the streets too, hauling a cart, ready to offer you toasted maize, sweet or salty almonds and toasted chickpeas, as well as freshly squeezed orange juice, for less than 1€ (10 dirhams). And if you dare to try really new flavours, you can try "escargot" (snail) broth, which is served hot in a small bowl or cup. In these cases it is better to ask for a plastic cup to take away, because the bowls are reused by various customers and sometimes the shopkeeper does not have sufficient means to wash them thoroughly.

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