If you prefer the haute cuisine but want to get to know the Moroccan cuisine, there are three places here.

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You can go to the Imil - Chil restaurant, in Rue Vizir-Tazi to enjoy top quality Moroccan cuisine. The establishment, which takes its name from a small inland city located in the Atlas mountains, is decorated in a traditional way, with colourful tiles, carpets and cushions inside. Also the tableware, from the plates to the teapots are typically Moroccan, and among its specialities, the most outstanding is the Bastilla (also known as Pastela). Another good option is the Riyadh Zitoun, (Boulevard Rachidi), where they are specialists in Pigeon Couscous, and there is a pleasant terrace outside, where you need to book in advance. To visit the most select restaurant in the city, go to the A Ma Bretagne restaurant, which is typically French, as the name indicates. It is on the outskirts town, near the sea, and has a magnificent terrace with a garden and spectacular views of the Atlantic. There is good food and wine, but the menu is nor cheap. ***

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