A great way to end the day is relaxing in an Arab Hammam, don't miss the opportunity.

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Hammam Arab Baths

Relax in an Arab bath.

Hammams are typical in Arab countries and, of course, in Casablanca. They are places where people go to relax and tone up their bodies and where there are all kinds of massages. You will find a wide variety, with very different prices: from those that are used by people who live in the city , to others, which are more elegant, located in hotels or spa centres. As the airport in Casablanca is a great central airport for travelling to other countries in Africa, a lot of travellers take advantage of the long hours of stop over to go to one of these baths. You can try the Hammam Istemboul (Rue Zaki Eddine Taoussi), where traditional baths -steam room followed by a cold water bath - as well as a massage, where it can be relaxing or a body-scrub (they will thoroughly rub your whole body with an ex foliating/loofah glove). Another option is the Sultan Hammam (number 15 in Rue Attarmidi) where, in addition to the ritual of the Arab bath, you will find a large swimming pool.

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