Despite being a Muslim country, you can find different places where you can have a quiet relaxing drink.

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Having a drink in Casablanca

Night time in Casablanca.

Alcohol is not very well considered in Morocco - first if all, Muslims can't drink alcohol - so it is not easy to find it in all bars and restaurants. In fact, the majority don't even drink beer or wine during a meal, but that does not mean that alcohol is banned in the country. To have a drink late at night you can go to the bar in any international hotel, like the Hyatt Regency (located in Mohammed V Square), where the bar is decorated with photos from the film 'Casablanca.' You can also go to The Corniche, on the coast, where you will find a lot of trendy bars with a great atmosphere that also sell alcohol. For example, the American Bar (at Nº 142 on the Boulevard Houphouet Boigny), where, you can enjoy an oriental dance show while having a drink.

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