Do you like horses? We suggest a different way to spend a day on the beach.

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Horse riding along the beach

An unforgettable experience on the beach.

In most Arab countries in the north of Africa there is nothing more typical for a tourist to do than to ride around the hot desert on a camel or a dromedary. This is not the case in Morocco, or rather, in this southern part of Morocco. In Casablanca, the most unforgettable experience that you can have with animals is one that will take you along the coast mounted on a horse. One of the options that is closest to the city, and the most recommendable too, is found in the neighbouring town of Ain Diab. The famous equestrian farm Anfa has been there for several decades, and is known by the majority of tourists who visit it because the owners are so very kind and helpful. Daily excursions are organised to Aïn Diab beach, after pre-selecting horses according to how much each visitor knows about horse riding.

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