If its position impresses, imagine everything that you will see inside.

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Inside of the  Hassan II Mosque.

A tour of the Mosque.

There are guided tours around this impressive mosque. Inside of the temple you can see the wood and aluminium roofs, the Murano glass chandeliers that allow the light to enter, the carved plaster walls, the granite columns, marble capitals or the granite, onyx, marble and travertine floors. We should not miss any details of the refined tiles, carefully decorated with various colours, arabesque motifs, half moons and broken lines. Another of the most interesting areas of this huge complex is located behind the mihrab, where the luxurious royal apartments are hidden, with the Turkish baths (a huge thermal pool) and the hammam. There is also room for a giant prayer room, with a 20,000 square metre surface area, as well as a huge library and several conference rooms. Finally, a large underground gallery houses the ablution rooms and the garage.

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