It is a festival where the best jazz musicians and new promising talents get together.

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Jazzablanca Festival

Jazz in the city.

Between the months of March and April, the Jazzablanca Festival has been held, for eight years. It is a meeting point for jazz lovers, where acclaimed groups from all over the world get together, and new talents also start out on the road playing this kind of music, which originated in the suburbs in the USA. It is, in short, a very appropriate gathering for those who love jazz and, good music in general. The best thing is that the gigs are scattered all over the city to reach the largest number of people. Although those who are top of the bill hold their concerts in the Cas-Anfa Hippodrome; every year, the organization produces an additional programme that converts a select group of bars and hotel into improvised jazz lounges. In addition, in depth pedagogical work, oriented towards the younger generations, during the Festival, accompanies the music programme to initiate them in a style of music that has a very close connection with the African continent.

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