Mohammed V Square

Stand still among the hustle and bustle and don't miss any details of the buildings and the gardens.

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Mohammed V Square

The heart of Casablanca.

This square, now the municipal administrative centre, consists of many buildings from the 20s, most of them with Hispanic-Muslim architecture and Art Deco influences. You should look carefully at its elegant arcades and white façades, adorned with gold coloured stone. One of its most striking buildings is the Prefecture (Wilaya), inaugurated in 1930 by Mohammed V who was then the Sultan. It houses a beautiful tropical garden, as well as paintings by Louis Majorelle, the French decorator. In 1976 he added a fountain that, from time to time, delights visitors with spectacular shows of music and water. You can see a spectacular view of Casablanca from a 50 meter high tower that stands just beside the Prefecture. Completing the area is the French Consulate, where we can see the equestrian statue of the French General Hubert Lyautey inside, and which was located in the centre of the square years ago.

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