A museum for the appreciation of different cultures and how to achieve a coexistence between them.

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Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Cultural Coexistence.

Located at the junction of Rue Jules Gros and Rue Abu Dhabi, this museum goes over the history of the presence of the Jews on Moroccan soil. Among other things, the aim is to show the peaceful coexistence during several centuries of the Hebrew, Arabic and Berber communities, as well as giving information about main symbols of the Israeli people. That is why the building houses a large number of liturgical objects, as well as clothes, photographs of synagogues throughout the country or books written in Arabic, using the Hebrew alphabet. There is also room for an interesting reproduction of an antique gold and silver workshop (historical occupation of a lot of Jews) and, among other things, it explains that the Star of David was the symbol of the Moroccan state until 1912, when it became the exclusive symbol of the Jewish people. More information on the web www.casajewishmuseum.com.

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