There are all colours and flavours, ask where this curious olive market is and get blown away by the combinations.

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Olives in the Marché des Olives

The paradise of olive lovers

In the Habous district, also known as the New Medina, the Marché des Olives has made a slot for themselves among the traditional gastronomical establishments in the city. Consisting of 10 or 12 stands, the presentation is so attractive and the olives sold are so good, that even the shopkeepers and restaurant owners usually go there to pick up a good supply of olives for the week. Black, Green, hot or spicy, the all have incredible prices in Spain, they have become an attraction for tourists strolling around Casablanca. So much so, that the vendors already offer a vacuum packing service so that they can be transported by plane and reach home in a perfect condition. Finding this place is not difficult, but if you prefer not to walk around in circles, asked in French for the Marche des Olives, or in Arabic for the 'souq Zitoun', everyone will know how to help you find it.

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