This historical building with memories of the past, stands in the Medina overlooking the harbour.

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Ould-el-Hamra Mosque

The Harbour Mosque.

This historic Mosque, located at one end of the Old Medina of Casablanca, was built between 1757 and 1970 by the Moroccan Sultan Mohammed Ben Abdallah. In fact, it is one of the few buildings from that era that have survived until today. It has a floor plan that is 40 metres long and 28 metres wide, and an impressive minaret that was installed in the building years after the Sultan's death. Following the usual layout of other well known Moroccan Minarets, this Mosque is made up of a large square tower, above which there is a narrower tower, crowned with a dome. Its long staircase and the portico entrance are also worth highlighting. They are in a corner of a small public square. The portico has the typical, Arabian style, horseshoe shape and is decorated with a lot of sculptured figures. Then there is a huge wooden gate, which has also been carefully carved.

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