Go and see this building and take the opportunity to cool down in the garden while admiring a mixture of architectural styles.

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Palace of Justice

Looking for some shade to get away from the sun?

This huge building, built in 1925 in Hassan II Avenue, very close to the Mohammed V Square, is inspired by the Persian 'Iwans.' It is an enclosed area, with a dome, which is open on one side, and has a large landscaped courtyard. One of the reasons for this type of design, which originated in the I century, is to have a large shaded area during the summertime. The Palace of Justice in Casablanca also has an enormous main door and is a clear example of modernist architecture that mixes Arab and French style characteristics. Presided by huge palm trees, the precinct's exterior, usually looks much neater than other parts of the city, something which is normal where there are government buildings.

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