Carry on your night in one of the discos in Casablanca.

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In Casablanca there are several Discotheques, usually open until 3:00 in the morning, where the elite Moroccan youth, diplomats and tourists from western countries get together. A good option is Villa Fandango (rue de la Mer Egee), which is decorated like a small Latin American village. This is a very lively disco, where you can enjoy the music played by the disc-jockey working that night. You must be well dressed to be allowed to enter. Inside, you will notice the Latin atmosphere both in the decoration and in the music, as well as the kind of drinks, which are mainly Mexican beer and tequila. The Armstrong Jazz-Bar (in the rue de la Mer Noire), also on the Corniche, has two atmospheres: the discotheque in itself and a small lounge with a piano bar, where you can enjoy excellent live music.

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