Rick's Café in Casablanca is a must, where you can go and repeat the unforgettable phrases from the film.

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Rick's Cafe

Will this be the beginning of a good friendship?

It is not Rick's Café from the film 'Casablanca', because that never existed in the city - the whole film was made in the Hollywood studios - but, in 2004, an American had the brilliant idea of mounting this piano bar based on the world famous film from the 40s. Built in an old colonial house that had to be completely reformed, everything in Rick's Café (www.rickscafe.ma) is an imitation of the film, from the lamps to the arches, and even the furniture. All except the piano, which is an original Playel from the 30s. The restaurant, at Nº 48 on the Boulevard Sour Jdid, serves good traditional Moroccan as well as pure American style food. From Thursday to Sunday, a pianist plays live classics from the 40s and 50s and.... guess which song is most requested by clients.

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