While shopping for your gifts, take your time looking at the stalls and shops in the area.

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Shopping in the New Medina

Shopping at a different pace.

The streets with arches tell the visitor that they are entering the most commercial part of the New Medina in Casablanca, where the stalls are perfectly organised, offering the consumer a good selection of craft items and books, as well as coffees and food products. It has the advantage of not being as full of tourists as the old Medina, so you can do your shopping much more calmly, while having a lively chat with the vendors, many of whom speak foreign languages. It is worth going to the camel meat shops, a real delicacy that the shopkeepers are trying hard to attract people to. That is why it is normal to see the heads of these desert animals hanging from the most visible points of the establishment, so that they do not go unnoticed by potential customers.

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