After a change in location, this tower is still standing, and is a place that is a must when visiting the city.

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The Clock Tower

The Tower where time stands still.

Situated next to the United Nations Square, it is one of the most emblematic buildings in Casablanca. It was built in 1911, by order of the French Captain Dessigny, . It was initially situated next to the old city wall, which was a little later destroyed to give more access to the port, so the tower stood alone in the middle of the square. It was a symbol of the French colonial power for several decades and Dessigny's aim was to convince the inhabitants of Casablanca of the need to get used to the pace of life in an industrial society. In 1948, they began to demolished it, because of its precarious state. 45 years later, in 1993, it was reconstructed by the Moroccan municipal authorities, who decided to reproduce the original design. It is 20 metres tall and has a clock on each side.

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