The New Medina

As well as the streets and stalls, you'll find curious places like the Mahakma del Pachá.

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The New Medina

Strolling around the New Medina.

This part of Casablanca, also called the Habous neighbourhood, is an open-air museum where you can enjoy the traditional Maghribian art at its peak. The construction began in 1923, when the French colonial authorities tried to put an end to the chaotic suburbs on the outskirts of what were then the city limits. The fact that they opted for a traditional architectural style responded to the idea of giving the neighbourhood the normal environment of any urban nucleus at that time. That is why the streets are full of souks, artisan workshops and shops selling souvenirs, among other odd establishments. One of the main points of interest is the Mahakma du Pacha (Mahakma law courts), the former official residence of the Casablanca law courts, later converted into the Islamic court of justice. It is worth strolling around its courtyards, decorated in a typically Maghribian stucco style.

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