If you go to El Jadida, don't miss this spectacular place.

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The Portuguese Aljibe (Cistern)

An interaction of light and water.

Very close to the old Portuguese Medina of El Jadida there is an interesting building which is also of Portuguese origin. It is a cistern that, apparently, was part of an old castle built in 1514. It is also said that this building was used by the Portuguese to store arms, before converting it into an enormous water tank. Inside you will find an extensive complex of columns and arches, where the light enters through a circular opening made in the vault. The effect of the suns rays on the water is really spectacular, worth taking a good photo. It is also worth going down to the underground room to see the enormous groined arches resting on a total of 25 columns. The building was abandoned after the expulsion of the Portuguese from El Jadida, until a trader discovered it in 1916, when he was about to carry out work in his business.

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