The Portuguese city of El Jadida

A tour of the surrounding area of Casablanca may lead you to this little village, full of tourist attractions.

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The Portuguese city of El Jadida

Small Portuguese citadel.

One of the most recommendable excursions to the south of Casablanca is one that goes towards El Jadida, a small citadel that was under the protectorate of Portugal for almost 300 years (between 1486 and 1769). There is a real open-air museum, crowned by what has survived of the great defence wall built in 1514. Reinforced by five bastions (four of which remain), inside you can see the narrow winding streets of the old Medina, which lead to several very beautiful squares. Another outstanding point is the moat, to isolate the city from invaders, as well as the sober Chapel of the Inquisition. During the siege of 1769, which brought the Portuguese protectorate down, the Arab troops, led by Sidi Muhammad ben Abdellah, destroyed the wall. However, it was totally reconstructed decades later, in 1815, and was renamed The New El Jadida.

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