Years have gone by and all that remains is the façade of the city's emblematic hotel.

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The ruins of the Lincoln Hotel

Remains of what it once was

Today, in front of the central market place, we can still see the ruins of what, in its day, was one of the great symbols of the Colonial Era in Casablanca. It is an Art Deco building built in 1917, which occupied a surface area of more than 3,000 square metres. Designed by French architect Hubert Bride, the former Lincoln Hotel occupied the western part, under the original name of the Grand Hôtel Moderne. During its early years, this luxurious accommodation was crowned by a spectacular canopy adorned with green tiles. It gradually fell into disuse until one of the floors collapsed because of its precarious state, in 1989. It became even more complicated 20 years later, when another part of the structure collapsed as a result of a heavy rainstorm. That is why, all that currently remains is part of the façade.

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