Twenty years of construction and twenty years as a Catholic place of worship, although it is still standing and has other uses.

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The Sacred Heart Church

Twenty years is nothing.

Located on the central Rue d'Alger, it is the oldest of the two remaining Christian churches in the city (the other is the church of Notre-dame de Lourdes). Designed by French architect Paul Tournon, it dates from 1930, when it was erected to serve as a place of worship for about 40,000 Catholics who lived, at that time, in Casablanca. It has a peculiar style, which combines the Gothic style of some of the great European cathedrals with Art Deco. Its Art Nouveau stained glass windows, with red and blue colours, allow much light into the building. The concrete façade incorporates many decorative elements and the boundaries are marked by two huge towers. This church has not been used for a long time as a place of worship, although exhibitions and other cultural events are held here from time to time.

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