It seems as if everything stops, when it is time to have tea with others. It quite an experience!

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The tea ceremony

Enjoy tea with its full aroma and flavour.

You can't leave Casablanca without trying mint tea, the traditional drink that you can find anywhere you go and at any time of day. But believe it or not, very hot tea is a good way to combat the heat, and a perfect excuse to sit on a terrace for a few hours. Any time is a good time to sip a cup of tea, and you must also take into account, that if they invite you to tea, it is considered bad manners to gulp it down and leave quickly. Having a cup of tea with someone is a symbol of brotherhood, and that is why it represents a real ritual. The first cup is always returned to the teapot, so that it cools a little and the sugar dissolves. Then, to make sure it has reached perfection, you must pour the tea into the cup holding the teapot as far above the cup as possible, but without splashing the other tea drinking companions. The Boulangerie de la Paix (Boulevard Lalla-Yacout ) has a nice tea room where you can drink tea with a variety of cakes and pastries.

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