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The Twin Towers of Casablanca

Touch the Casablanca sky.

Like a lot of other cities around the world, the Casablanca skyline also has two 28 floor and 115 meter tall spectacular skyscraper, Twin Towers, in the city centre, in the area called Twin Centre. Inaugurated in 1998, they were designed by Ricardo Bofill Levi, a renowned Spanish architect and were a landmark on national and international levels, when they became the tallest buildings in all of North Africa. A large central square with several landscaped areas separates both buildings. Together they occupy a combined area of 93,000 square meters, where there is space for one of the largest shopping centres in Africa, which is five storeys high, and where there are a lot of shops and offices. The Kenzi Tower Hotel, a five-star luxury hotel, (, is in one of the towers, with 210 rooms, 27 suites, spas, bars and restaurants.

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